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Topics: Abraham Van Helsing, Dracula, Mina Harker Pages: 2 (940 words) Published: March 15, 2015
Count Dracula
He is the main character in the novel, however, he is mainly a shadowy figure in a majority of the novel. As the antagonist in the novel he is shown to be one step ahead of the others. There is little actual characterization done by Stoker and much of Dracula’s personality and past remains mysterious. There are some intentions and obvious evils, however that is the main extent of the characterization. However, in spite of his plot role, Dracula is mainly the reason why the other characters band together, giving the others the reason for meeting and eventually plotting his downfall. Van Helsing said later in the novel, that Count Dracula, has a “child-brain” which is more clearly explained later “In some facilities of mind he has been, and is, only a child; but he is growing, and some things that were childish at the first are now of man’s stature” (Stoker 259). In the novel there is one thing which does leave the reader to question Dracula’s past especially. This is his interaction with the vampire brides when they attack Harker. “Yes, I too can love; you yourselves can tell if from the past. Is it not so?” (Stoker 35).

Mina Murray Harker
In personal opinion, Mina is one of the most complex characters in the novel. She is such a prominent figure of the novel, that some may venture to say she is the main character. Mina’s complexities are plenty: the use of her journal to tell parts of the story, her femininity yet “man’s brain”, her child-like actions and ideas in one part and then her sudden maternal maturity, and Mina’s angelic likeness and then sudden corruption. Mina also has the attributes of a progressive woman, during the time period. Mina’s femininity is seen through her actions and submissiveness to men. Mina’s submissiveness is especially seen through her keeping up with Johnathan’s studies as a lawyer, despite her already having a job to study for. She did this so she could “be able to be useful to Johnathan” (Stoker 46) Mina helps...
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