Characterization of Sedimentary Basins-Trinidad’s Southern Basin

Topics: Sedimentary rock, Sediment, Venezuela Pages: 3 (703 words) Published: November 10, 2008
Characterization of Sedimentary Basins-Trinidad’s Southern Basin Trinidad’s southern Basin is a topographically low area between the Central Range Uplift and the southern Range Uplift. It forms an eastern part of the eastern Venezuelan Basin, which is positioned east of Venezuela and the Orinoco Delta. The basin is structurally deformed as a result of compressional tectonics. The tectonics are attributed to a triple boundary created from the interplay of the southern American, Caribbean and Atlantic Plates. Deformation of the Basin is made typical by the Over Thrust Faulting. The Geological formations within the southern basin are marked by sudden and intense folding and deep seated thrust faulting of basement material. These faults are estimated to extend below 35000 ft and exhibit very concave surfaces and gentle deep roots with frequent bifurcations called splay faults. These splay faults extend as far as 10,000 feet below the ground. In order to determine the basin type and the deformation mechanism, the information above has to be analyzed. It can be deduced, therefore, from the analysis that tectonic loading is the major subsidence mechanism by which basin deformation has occurred. The basin setting shows a convergent nature and can be considered as a Foreland Basin Type. Foreland Basins are basins that lie between the front of a mountain chain and the adjacent craton. Foreland basins in broad terms correspond to the class of perisutural basins on continental lithosphere associated with major compressional zones of deformation which are also known as mega structures. Foreland basins varies greatly, therefore the exact type of foreland basin that describes the southern Basin the most cannot be decided.

Executive Summary
A sedimentary basin can be defined as an area where there is a physiographic low or depression in which there is the potential for accretion of sediments transported from a distant source in largely passive margin...
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