Characterization Chart

Pages: 5 (473 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Holden Caulfield Characterization Chart
Remember to use specific examples and cite page numbers!

|Observations Holden Makes About Himself |Observations Others Make About Holden |Observations You Make About Holden | | Page 16 |Page 21 |Page 115 | |Holden calls himself “the most terrific liar you have ever saw in |Ackley thinks Holden is childish and immature. |Little boy walking down a busy street innocently singing “if a | |your life.” | |body catch a body coming through the rye.” The little boy’s | | | |parents did not pay attention to the dangerous situation their | | | |son was in. This made Holden feel better. He could relate to | | | |the boy. | |Page 9 |Page 14 |Page 122 | |Holden acts immature but can also act mature |Mr. Spencer states “do you feel no concern for your future.” |Holden does not want Phoebe to go to the museum and change every| | |Mr. Spencer feels that Holden does not care and is wasting his |time she visits. He wants to preserve her innocent age. He | | |life. |idealizes and wants to protect childhood. He is mourning his | | | |childhood which was taken away when Allie died. | |Page 39 |Page 27-28 |Holden is depressed because he frequently lies. He hates | |Holden states it was stupid to lash out and break the windows in |Stradlater and Mr. Hartzell, the English teacher, think that |phonies and actors because they take on a different persona. | |the garage when Allie died. Holden becomes physical when the |Holden is an excellent writer |Ironically, he does the same because he does not like who he is.| |emotional pain is too great. | |Holden is depressed and does not want to deal with his problems.| |Page 14 |Page 72 |Holden is immature & anxious. | |Holden does not want to deal with his future to Old Spencer |Girls at the hotel’s nightclub know Holden is young but continue| | | |to flirt with him because they feel bad for him. | | | |...
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