Characteristics Sentinel Event of Monitoring System

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Characteristics Sentinel Event of Monitoring System

There are several methods for monitoring adverse events in the healthcare system, characterized by strengths and weaknesses. The correct choice should be appropriate to achieve their goals. Compared to other methods, such as population studies based on review of medical records or the analysis of administrative data, the communication system does not provide data on prevalence and incidence of adverse events because many factors can influence the reporting of errors or adverse events. For example, the level of safety culture and also if the organization is oriented toward identifying and reducing adverse events. For this reason, in a reporting system, as the monitoring of sentinel events, a high percentage of reports of sentinel events, most probably represents the cultural tendency of an organization towards the identification and the reduction of adverse events. The monitoring system of adverse events has as its main purpose, to build throughout the national health system, the culture to learn from errors, which constitutes the foundation of the methodology for clinical risk management and patient safety. And 'in fact one of the most, “noted and frustrating aspects of patient safety, which is the apparent inability to learn from one’s errors. Tragic errors are continuing to be seen in many situations and in all health organizations. The best suited solution to this problem is to study our errors and to share knowledge gathered by the development of reporting systems of adverse events (Lucian Leape; WHO)

The main objectives of the reporting system are:
* Collect information on adverse events that occurred in the National Health System * Analysis of factors contributing to the occurrence of these sentinel events * focusing on systems and processes.

Sentinel Events Monitoring
The monitoring protocol defines a sentinel event as "an particularly serious, potentially avoidable adverse event...
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