Characteristics of a President

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What characteristics should a candidate possess to become president?

The vital characteristics required of a presidential candidate include the ability to deal with honesty and act with integrity in all issues of governance, embrace the aspect of citizenship, abide by the constitution, exercise empathy when representing the people, and be reliable at all times. Other important characteristics are being knowledgeable of the political, social, and economic situation of our country and other countries worldwide. Possessing the above mentioned characteristics is vital for any individual aspiring to become the president of the United States of America.

Characteristics of a president
Countries, like human beings, are unique in several ways but mostly in their system of governance. There are countries, which adopt a monarchy system of governance where they are ruled by members of the royal family, whereas, most countries, are democratic states, where the presidents are elected through a democratic voting process by its duly registered voters (Belenky, 2013). Sadly, there are some countries, which still embrace the dictatorship rule, where one person has ruled, or continues to rule the country single-handedly over the years. Some of the known dictators have ruled their countries since their country's independence and often ensure they do anything within their means to remain in power. With the differences highlighted in how to rule a country, the eminent question is what makes a good president? This paper analyses the general characteristics a candidate who intends to be president should possess. Honesty is the fundamental trait a president should possess. In most cases, honesty and integrity go together. The candidate should be honest with himself or herself, be honest to the people he intends to rule and mostly honest in what he says. An honest candidate will not steal, deceive or cheat in campaigns or elections and will...

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