Characteristics of a Good Salesperson

Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: November 28, 2012
A good salesperson is someone that can think on its feet (respond quickly with satisfying answers) and has the skills to deliver a message that is just right (not too elaborate and not too shallow). Basically, a good salesperson should be able to baffle someone with information; it should be able to knock someone of its feet leaving that person to wonder about his current ways. In the extent of what has been proposed by Dixon and Toman (2012) good salespeople should be able to create instability in the customers mind, removing it from its comfort zone and creating a state of confusion. If a sales person can create a state of confusion and provide the tools to alleviate this mind state of the consumer, it becomes quite possible for the salesperson to convince the consumer into buying the product offered by the sales rep. Therefore a good sales rep is able to contrive consciousness about prospective problems and with that lead the customer to an epiphany about how to solve these problems on mutually beneficial grounds. In order to achieve these things it is a prerequisite for a sales rep to have a set amount of skills amongst which for example: sagacity (acumen), distinctness, relationship management and needs assessment. However, there are three (not two) skills in particular that are most essential for salespeople to succeed in any sales environment: Uniqueness in perspective, debate and tangibilization. Uniqueness in perspective: Salespeople should be able to offer new perspectives that were unexpected which makes it far more difficult for the customer to debate on the subject and far easier for the sales rep to radiate expertise. Furthermore, these new perspectives help in destabilizing the customer’s position making him subjective to education for new solutions. Debate: Debate entails the ability to fine tune your argumentation rather than to overpower someone with arguments. In other words, debate is about challenging the consumer rather than overruling...
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