Characteristics of a Filipino Citizen

Topics: Philippines, Family, Filipino people Pages: 2 (768 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Class # 22July 27, 2013
Juan Fidel L. Manegdeg Q 1

‘Friendly yet Undisciplined”
The Filipinos are friendly because we have a confidence with our talent. We Filipinos are saying greetings like “hi” or “hello” to other people. And I choose the negative trait Undisciplined because I agree with its trait. Why? Because when we say discipline it is doing what is right at the right time.

The reason why they are saying we are friendly that is because we are happy. When we are happy, we are in a good mood so that they can approach us easily. Another reason why we are friendly, it is because we want many friends, not just friends but real friends. But choose the friends who are good influence to you. I choose this trait because I am also a friendly Filipino. I want to have many friends, so that when I’m in the midst of trouble I have many real friends to help me. In happiness, loneliness and depression. I choose Undisciplined as a negative trait. Although it is negative trait but there is no doubt about it. In this generation, we have many gadgets that distract us for doing what we should do in that time. Therefore we are making fun of the gadgets nowadays.

Filipinos are friendly. The proof of this trait are In my first day of the school I don’t have any friends in personal, only in Facebook. I have a seatmate, we don’t approach each one. It’s like both of us are waiting to ask his name, few minutes I ask his name then he answered then we are now friends. We also asked the name of his seatmate. The following days, his friend and my friends are now friends. We have many friends. I think this trait comes only in our culture. It doesn’t come on other country. And we Filipinos are hospitable so that the other countries comment that we are friendly. Only in the Philippines who are hospitable.

Filipinos are undisciplined. In our generation, we have many gadgets we have many entertainment things. We forgot our things that we should do. I...
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