Characteristics of Workers’ Compensation Plans

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Appendix C

Understanding Work-Related Injuries

Case Studies:

1. Janet works as a branch manager for a large banking firm. Her job requires her to travel by personal vehicle to different branch offices several times each week. Janet has lower back problems from a result of a skiing accident many years ago, which is further aggravated by long periods of sitting while driving. Janet was returning from the branch office to the home office on Thursday afternoon when another driver struck her car from behind. A physician examined Janet and determined that the accident aggravated her pre-existing back injury. The physician ordered Janet to remain off work for at least two weeks.

a. Is this injury covered under workers’ compensation? Yes this injury is covered under workers’ compensation. b. Rationale for your decision: Janet was on the job when the injury that aggravated her pre-existing back injury happened. c. If covered, identify the appropriate injury category: The injury category is under injury with temporary disability. Janet can return to work after two weeks with the doctor’s consent. (Valerius, Bayes, Newby, & Seggern, 2008)

2. Frank works as a clerk in a local convenience store with a non-smoking policy. On a personal work break, Frank stepped outside the building to smoke a cigarette. As Frank walked across the parking lot, he slipped on a patch of ice and fell, breaking his wrist and injuring his outstretched hand.

d. Is this injury covered under workers’ compensation? Yes the injury is covered under workers’ compensation. e. Rationale for your decision: Frank was in the parking lot of his job when he fell. f. If covered, identify the appropriate injury category: This would be under the category of personal time injury. (Valerius, Bayes, Newby, & Seggern, 2008)

3. Tom is an electrician...
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