Characteristics of Services in Hospitals

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Healthcare industry is a wide and intensive form of services which are related to wellbeing of human beings. Health care is the social sector and it is provided at State level with the help of Central Government. Health care industry covers hospitals, health insurances, medical software, health equipments and pharmacy in it. Right from the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata, health care was there but with time, Health care sector has changed substantially. With improvement in Medical Science and technology it has gone through considerable change and improved a lot.

The major inputs of health care industries are as listed below

* Hospitals

* Medical insurance

* Medical software

* Health equipment

Health care service is the combination of tangible and intangible aspect with the intangible aspect dominating the tangible aspect. In fact it can be said to be completely intangible, in that, the services (consultancy) offered by the doctor are completely intangible. The tangible things could include the bed, the décor, etc. Efforts made by hospitals to tangiblize the service offering would be discussed in details in the unique characteristics part of the report.


1) Intangibility: Health care services being highly intangible, to beat this intangibility the irony of modern marketing takes place such as use of more tangible features to make things real and believable. Cardiac surgery for example, is intangible. Prior to undergoing such a procedure, a patient cannot see the surgery or examine it, as can be done with the purchase of a computer. Because services are intangible, consumer interactions with the process and individuals who deliver the service are often the bases by which consumers evaluate the actual service itself.

Ways to overcome this drawback:
Visualization: The industry has to make available visualization so that, search and...
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