Characteristics of science

Topics: Science, Technology, Scientific method Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: November 2, 2014
What is science? How does science work? What are is, how science is done, and what scientists are like may scientists like? Most people have given little thought to easily cause you to miss important lessons about the these sorts of questions, yet often possess surprisingly characteristics of science. To help you get the most out of entrenched misconceptions of each. These strongly held the stories and accurately interpret what they are opinions are often formed from everyday media portrayals illustrating about science, the following overview is of science and scientists found in movies, television intended to assist you in recognizing misconceptions programs, commercials and advertisements, and popular regarding the characteristics of science that you may literature. School science classes from elementary school possess. through college also send persistent messages regarding

what science and scientists are like and how science is
Referring to and keeping these characteristics of done. Unfortunately, both the media and school science science in mind when reading the stories that are often inaccurately portray what authentic science and assigned will help you better understand what scientists are like. Thus, the impressions many people science and scientists are like, and how doing hold are likely mistaken in many important ways. science is more interesting than you may have

Y previously thought. ou may be wondering why understanding the characteristics of science is important and worthy of your
attention. These misunderstandings are associated with
several unfortunate consequences: Many people know that while football is related to the game of rugby, the two are not the same. And American
football and Australian football are just two kinds of
football. This same sort of confusion occurs regarding
different kinds of science and their relation to technology. Figure 1 will help illustrate two different forms of science and how they...
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