Characteristics of religion

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Definition: Supernatural Dimension
The supernatural dimensions is the belief in the existence of beings or powers beyond the realm of the natural world is an important defining element of a religious worldview. Different religions have their own unique responses to the question of the exact nature of the supernatural dimension. The supernatural is that which is not subject to the laws of nature, that which is said to exist above and beyond nature. supernatural exceeds the ordinary limits of human existence. Transcendent Religious World View:

Definition: Sacred or divine word that is beyond this earthly world. A worldview where god/gods are beyond the known universe and hence beyond the laws of nature. A transcendent worldview is one which has a belief in a divine power or powers beyond the human. The three Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam emphasise the idea of God being revealed to humankind from beyond the human spirit. For example, Muslims believe that the will of Allah has been revealed to the Prophet Mohammed and is contained in the writings of the Koran. This is a transcendent worldview because the divine being is seen to be separate and outside of the human and revealed to humankind through an intermediary. Immanent Religious World View:

An imminent worldview holds the belief that supernatural powers or divine beings dwell within the human. For the two Eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, the emphasis is on the finding of truth from within the human spirit. For example Buddhists follow the Eightfold Path prescribed by the Buddha in order to reach Enlightenment. This is an imminent religious worldview because the divine power is believed to be found within the human and awaits discovery through following the prescribed path.
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