Characteristics of Good Information

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Characteristics of Good Information
Information should be checked before being used to make sure its correct and unbiased for example sometimes information found on the internet can sometimes be biased or wrong and so you should always check with other sources to make sure its right Reliability

Reliable information is information that has been obtained from trusted sources by checking data several times with other sources you can make sure the source is reliable by comparing it with other sources to make sure they are the same. For example some websites can sometimes be biased by representing the information they have from only their view point, it is important that you take out all biased information because it could cause even more problems if tour research is about is related to matters such as politics , religion or race issues Timeliness

Data should be captured as quickly as possible after the event or activity and must be available for the intended use within a reasonable time period. Data must be available quickly and frequently enough to support information needs and to influence service or decision making. Fit for purpose

For any kind of research there must be a set criteria of what type of data that would be required, this will vary from situation to situation, the data must be fit for the purpose that its being used for. Accesibility

For data to become more accesible the creator must be willing to share data withing its functional area, also the the publisher must ensure that the information is created in a way that is accesible and usable by everyone for examplea publisher must not convert their work to a PDF file because its limits the usability because for a userto be able to make changes to the information to make it suitable for a sitiuation they will havbe to type out the contents of the pdf documents because the copy and paste function has been disabled this could take time and be costly if ther is a lot of information that...
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