Characteristics of Effective Ineffect

Topics: Audience theory, Audience, Knowledge Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: January 18, 2015

1. Knowledge on the subject of the speech is extremely effective. Not only because it allows you to deliver the information to your audience, but also because it will help you if you have any hiccups in your speech. It will also allow you to improvise if you are put in a situation to where your speech needs to be significantly shorter or maybe even longer than you originally planned and prepared. 2. Enthusiasm is very important because you have to capture and hold your audiences attention for the duration of your speech. 3. Confidence in both yourself and the topic at hand will reflect while giving a speech. Having confidence in what you are saying as a speaker allows your audience to also have confidence in they are hearing. 4. Projecting your voice while giving a speech is effective because it shows where the highs and lows are in your speech. It cues the audience on when to be excited, for instance when you raise your voice. 5. Eye contact is also effective in the sense that it helps you connect with your audience. It allows the audience to feel engaged in the speech. For instance, if you are giving a speech and staring at the back of the room, it could easily cause a disconnect between you and your audience. Ineffective

1. Appearing nervous by fidgeting or excessively moving around is an ineffective characteristic because it distracts your audience members. How could your audience possibly concentrate on what it is you are saying when they are distracted by what it is that you are doing? 2. Lack of knowledge on the topic of speech is ineffective simply because you cannot relay information that you have yet to understand yourself. Most of the time, when you are ignorant to a topic you are speaking about, it shows. Lack of knowledge could cause you to lose your audience’s attention. 3. Using filler words such as “umm” or “uhh” or taking long, untimely pauses is ineffective while giving a speech. It can say a number of...
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