Characteristics of at-Risk Students (Aed201)

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School Program for At-Risk Students
In the United States many students face many problems or terrible conditions in their lives at home, school and in life in general. These problems and conditions can affect students tremendously when it comes to schoolwork or academic success. Many schools nationwide have set up programs or assistance to help these students succeed despite the problem or condition being faced.

Not all students may encounter a problem or condition, but some encounter multiple problems. The types of problems and conditions include changing families, poverty, violence, abuse of alcohol and/or drugs, suicide, and child abuse (Axia College, 2005). These are serious problems that many students face in today’s world, which can seriously affect academic success. Students who face one or more of these problems is said to be “at-risk” for academic failure (Axia College, 2005). The characteristics of students placed at-risk are a low SES, inner city, male, transient, minority, non-native English speaker, and divorced families (Axia College, 2005).

The only way a school, district, or state can do something about the at-risk students is to assist the needs of these students as much as possible. Many schools, districts, and states have set up special programs for at-risk students, including anything from afterschool programs to housing assistance. Usually the programs assist one of the characteristics of at-risk students to assist these students for their particular problem. The Phillipsburg school district of New Jersey has taken the issue of at-risk students very seriously by setting up an afterschool program to assist students facing the problem of low SES (socioeconomic status). Students who come from a low SES family face issues that interfere with academic success, such as low income families, lack of parental involvement, low exposure to school-related experiences, and so on (Axia College, 2005). The Phillipsburg school district has...

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