Characteristic of Good Employees

Topics: Employment, Random act of kindness, Virtue Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Characteristics of good employees

There are characteristics for good employees but the

most important characteristics are dependability and having a

positive and proactive attitude.

Being dependable means that the employee can takes

instructions and orders from others and works as teamwork with other

people. When people or clients can depend on the employee that

means that he should be a team player and not always about himself

because the good employee works with everyone else to make sure

that the things that need to get done is done, for the good of the

company, the teamwork, the boss and clients.

The second characteristic is having a positive and proactive

attitudes by projecting his beliefs and values, and what you think of

your job, coworkers and the boss. It is shown in the quality of your

work. They are important as the work that you produce. A positive

attitude does not always mean happy, but it is better to be upbeat at

work rather than brooding and angry, positive can also mean

proactive, which means that the good employee should go after

things and don’t wait for them to come to him. Being a positive, proactive person will help others around you become more positive. Doing simple acts of kindness throughout your workplace can quickly become contagious. In addition, the employee should has pleasant tone of voice, good posture, respect and courtesy and always be interested in others.

The third characteristic is HONESTY & INTEGRITY

In conclusion, this two good characteristics of good employees

helps to make the work easy and great for everyone.
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