Character Traits of Soldiers

Topics: Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War Pages: 2 (884 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Character Traits of Soldiers
Though a whole list can be made of all of the physical traits that make up a strong soldier, the list of mental traits is perhaps more important. Three of the key traits that comprise a soldier: bravery, determination, and selflessness. These qualities are vital during wartime since soldiers need to be not only physically strong but also mentally strong. Mental strength is how soldiers get through wars. It is essential for soldiers to put all of their personal troubles aside in order for them to put everything they have into their mission to get their job done. True acts of bravery are shown by soldiers every day, but one example of a courageous soldier is Tibor Rubin in “Feats of Valor”. After surviving the Holocaust, Rubin came to America to become a “G.I. Joe”. He strongly believed in fighting for America after they had contributed to ending the Holocaust. While fighting overseas during the Korean War, Tibor was asked by his commander to hold a post by himself while the rest of the troop escaped to a safer position. No one, as well as Rubin, expected him to make it out alive. Rubin did as he was told and completed his mission. He was fighting back so well that the enemy thought there was a whole troop of men fighting. The American troop successfully escaped, and Rubin returned a hero. Not just anyone can walk into a situation knowing that no one expects you to return. Tibor Rubin was awarded a medal of honor for his courageous acts. Another example of a brave soldier was George Olsen. Olsen fought in the Vietnam War in his early twenties. Even though Olsen was very young, only twenty-two, he demonstrated true acts of courage while overseas. In “Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam”, he wrote, “You’re scared, really scared, but there is not thinking about it.” Olsen understood that no matter how scared he was, he would have to do his job as a soldier. Everyone gets scared sometimes, but it takes true bravery to be able to work...
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