Character Sketch of Ralph and Jack Lord of the Flies

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Character Sketch: Ralph
In the novel “Lord of the flies” by William Golding the main conflict is between ‘civilization’ and ‘savagery’. Therefore the character Ralph is another significant example, because he represents the human instinct. `

Ralph is a twelve-year-old English boy and the novel’s protagonist. He is the first character the reader gets to know.
He blew the conch shell to ‘call’ the other boys who stranded on the island. That shows his human instinct to get a situation under control or rather to get to know an unknown situation better.  
When the boys decided to elect a boy as their leader, Ralph won the election, even if the choirboys voted for Jack. So Ralph asked Jack to be the leader of the choirboys who would be the hunters. This situation indicates that Ralph cares about the others and their feelings.  

Throughout the novel Ralph tries to establish order and focus on rescue. He decided that in the meetings only the boy who holds the conch shell could speak. This shows his sympathy for rules, similar to the civilized world.  

Ralph encouraged the boys to build huts, but all the boys, except Simon and Piggy are concerned with playing, having fun and avoiding work. Ralph thought about them as silly kids, what they actually are. Ralph inherits the role of an adult. He wants especially to keep the fire on the mountain going so that when a ship passes, the boys can be rescued. His main wish is to be rescued and until this he tries to maintain order.  

Ralph primary represents order and civilization, as opposed to the savage instinct that Jack embodies. As the group gradually succumbs to savage instincts over the course of the novel, Ralph’s position declines precipitously while Jack’s rises. When Jack forms a separate, rival group, the focus is on hunting and savagery rather than rescue. Ralph starts to get worried about the rescue he waits for and doesn’t know what to do.  

When the novel progresses Ralph comes to understand that savagery...
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