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Q. 1. Attempt the of the character sketch of Raju in R. K. Narayan's ‘The Guide’OR Q. 2. “We are free to infer that, on the last day of the fast, Raju, "Swami” dies opportunely, a martyr.” – Discuss. OR Q. 3. “Some are born saints, some achieve sanctity, and some have sanctity thrust upon them. Perhaps, Raju is one of these last!” –Discuss. Introduction:- Raju is the principal character in R. K Narayan’s ‘The Guide’. He is doubtless half knave, half fool, and he remains such when he allows himself to be mistaken for a Swami, a spiritual Guide, by the simple people of Mangala. But some days after he is trapped into commencing his fast, change gradually comes over him: “For the first time in his life he was making an earnest effort, for the first time he was learning the thrill of full application, outside money and love; for the first time he was doing a thing in which he was not personally interested.” Some are born saints, some achieve sanctity and some have sanctity thrust upon them, perhaps Raju is one of the last! A romantic, a rascal:- The principal character of The Guide, Raju is a romantic doubled with a rascal like his fictional predecessors, Margayya and Sympathy. Raju too plays many parts and puts into practice some of Dr. Pal’s pregnant ideas on Tourism. Trying to help a rich visitor, Marco in his researches, Raju is involved in a tangle of new relationships. Rosie, Mareo’s wife becomes Raju’s lover. Abandoned by Marco, Rosie realises with Raju’s help, her ambition of becoming a dancer. But his possessive instinct finally betrays him into a criminal action, and he is charged of and convicted of forgery. The railway Raju becomes Raju guide and entrepreneur and a convict, a seducer like Alec. Caught in the coil of his self-deception: Coming out of the jail, Raju cuts off all connection with the past and sets up as a sort of as ascetic or mahatma. And once again caught in the coils of his own...
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