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Character of Prophet Muhammed

By mk18590 Apr 11, 2012 375 Words
The Character of Prophet Muhammed (SAW)

INDEED IN THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH SWT YOU HAVE A GOOD EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW (QURAAN V:33.21) The Teachings of Muhammed SAW, his exemplary behaviour, his sublime character and his practical example is what we as Muslims should strive to follow. When Hazrat Aisha RA was asked to describe Rasulallah (saw)’s mode of life and conduct, she replied “His morals are the Quraan” His daily life was a true picture of the teachings of the Quraan. Rasulallahs habits were simple yet he was elegant. He was simple in his habits, eating dressing, drinking, sleeping and so on. He was not affected by material or worldly possessions, so much so that when he died he left no wealth or property. He was considerate and sensitive to others feelings, respectful to elders and kind to his inferiors. He was very affectionate to his family and loved children dearly. He would stop and pat their heads and sometimes even played with them. Rasulallah was warm hearted and a faithful friend. He loved Abu Bakr (RA) like a brother, Ali (RA) and Zaid (RA) as a father. He also loved Umar and Uthman dearly. The Prophet (SAW) usually seemed cheerful and he liked to smile. Even when others were rude to him, he was never harsh or rude. He was courteous to all and did not argue unless it opposed the teachings of Islam, nor did he get angry with anyone for personal reasons. He visited the sick, accepted invitations from anyone (even slaves), mended his own clothes, repaired his own shoes and milked goats. His relationship with the rich and the poor was the same and he lived amongst his friends and companions as a devoted brother. The Prophet (SAW) was patient and tolerant. He would overlook the errors of people, join ties with those who severed ties and forgive those who harmed him. Rasulallah was exceptionally intelligent, brave and generous. He was always respected for his honesty, justice, piety, modesty, loyalty and hospitality. It is impossible to describe the Prophet (SAW)’s character in 2 minutes, but his character can be summed up in one sentence. Rasulallah avoided sinning or anything that led to the disobedience of Allah SWT

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