Character Evaluation Twilight

Topics: Twilight, Big Five personality traits, Stephenie Meyer Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: October 7, 2010
Character Evaluation

The character that I chose was Bella Swan from Twilight. Bella fit in several of the big five trait clusters. The traits that fit Bella’s personality are neuroticism, openness to experience, and extroversion. Bella is a difficult for others that are around her to figure out.

Bella Swan scores on the higher end of neuroticism. Bella possesses many of the signs on the high end of the spectrum which are moodiness, hostility, and nervousness. Throughout the movie Bella has a hard time adapting her social responses to make them appropriate for the situation. This is usually typical for people with an N type personality. Bella is very moody with her father about trying to make friends, which could also have to do with part of her being a teenager. When Bella first starts her junior year at Forks High School, she is nervous and not very friendly with others.

Next Bella scores high on the openness to new experiences. Bella is intrigued by the Cullen family, five teenagers that are adopted by Carlisle Cullen. This family is mysterious to her and she wants to find out more about them. On one of her first experiences with Edward Cullen had saved her life by throwing her out of the way from a truck that was about to hit her. Bell was curious as to why or how he was able to do this. Bella is imaginative and tends to hold onto unconventional beliefs, Bella is aware of her feelings that she develops for Edward and this allows for her to make friends with others so that she can find more information about the Cullen family.

The last of the trait characteristics that describes Bella is extroversion. Bella scores on the low end of this scale. Bella is not an outgoing individual. Bella only associates herself with just a few friends that she made when first starting Forks High School. In one scene of the film Bella goes to the beach with some of her friends. After Bella and Edward begin their new romance with one another, she only associates herself...
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