Character Evaluation

Topics: The CW Television Network, Trait theory, Openness to experience Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: September 4, 2009
Character Evaluation

The Axia College of University of Phoenix

Porsche M. Hurd

One of my favorite televisions shows is called “The Game”. I just recently became interested in this show, but I absolutely love to watch it. One of the main characters of the show is name “Melanie”. She is in her early 20’s and she is currently attending medical school in San Diego, California. She is from Connecticut, but reluctantly moved to San Diego once her long term college boyfriend was drafted into the NFL. At first she is unhappy about the move because she gave up an opportunity to attend Johns Hopkins medical to be with her boyfriend.

I believe at first she wasn’t as socially outgoing because she didn’t know anyone and because she didn’t really like her new environment. When some of the other wives and girlfriends of the players on the team tried to befriend her she was very hesitant. This was mainly because they weren’t the type of people that she was used to. She wasn’t so sure if she would fit it well with this new lifestyle or these new people. So at this time in her life she was more of an introvert. As she became more comfortable with her environment and the people around her, she seemed to come out of her shell and she became a lot more outgoing and became more of an extravert. She started making more of an effort enjoy her new home and life. She started throwing dinner parties and she would attend meetings and events that were thrown by the wives and girlfriends of the other players on the team. She would even participate in planning some of the events.

Although Melanie seemed very close minded and hesitant in the beginning, I think that she is also on the high end when it comes to Openness to Experience. She is often the one that her friends will go to for advice. She is in medical school, so she doesn’t have a whole lot of time on her hands to experience as much as she probably wishes that she could, but she normally has very...

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