character encoding

Topics: Four Temperaments, Personality psychology, Sibling Pages: 2 (1130 words) Published: October 22, 2014

II-Character Analysis
Character Personality Components
Habit’s Attitudes Physical Trait Mental Trait Emotional Trait Social Trait Moral Trait Grace Salazar down-to-earth Chubby Hopeful Easily get hurt Elegant in socializing Teddie Salazar Earnest Gorgeous Cannot easily learn Easily to talk to Bobbie Salazar Speak English dialect Brave Beautiful Intelligent Fearless Wide-interaction Alex Salazar Always wear shorts Lightsome Slender Naive Gabby Salazar Cooking Careful simple Serious type Rebreb Salazar Happy-go-lucky Handsome Submissive Character Psychological Type Body Chemistry Birth Order

Grace Salazar Grace is a mild extroverted type person because she has the courage to face their problem in the Bayag Family. Grace has a Sanguine personality because when her siblings get fight, she always think positive that they would forgive each other someday Mother Teddie Salazar Teddie is an extreme extroverted type of person because she has the sense of humor that can easily interact to others. Teddie has the melancholic personality because Teddie always think negative. That’s why Teddie did not tell the truth about what happen to the Spain. Teddie is a first born of Salazar Family. Because first born expected to be responsible. And that’s the reason why Teddie keep it as a secret of what happen to her in the Spain. Bobbie Salazar Bobbie is an extreme extroverted type because she wants social interaction in her work and he needs attention from her mother who has a favorite among of them. Bobbie has a Choleric personality she always says bad things to her siblings but at the end she says she did not say it and it’s not what she means. It’s just that they are wrong in interpreting of what she says. She’s a perfectionist. Bobbie is a middle born and exerts an extra effort to get the attention of her mother. Bobbie does her best to graduate with honor so that her mother gets Bobbie’s attention. Alex Salazar Alex is a mild extroverted type because she is a very...
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