Character Education Assignment

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Kindness and Generosity Lesson Plan
The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the G.S.G to the ideas of Kindness and Generosity and how they can contribute these ideas to your classroom, the school and out into the community. During this lesson, there will be many opportunities for all of the students to demonstrate their knowledge of these two character traits and also to practice these attributes. This lesson includes many different ideas that will help the G.S.G teachers and G.S.G leaders to encourage the participation of the students in demonstrating these positive traits. Lesson Plan

Read over the lesson plan and calendar that is provided
Pass out one work booklet for each student in the G.S.G As a group, read and discuss the brief explanation of the character attribute given at the beginning of the work booklet Discuss what kindness and generosity mean to each person Talk about different ways that we all show kindness and generosity in our lives Discuss different ways that other people show kindness and generosity towards us in our lives Read as a group the focus questions and the objectives/I cans of the months lessons and throughout discussions refer to the focus/discussion questions that are provided at the beginning of this lesson plan as well as at the end of the stories Use the calendar as a guide to the lessons, quotes and stories that are provided in the work booklet Read through the following lessons on each specific part of the lesson plan Quotes

Read over the quotes provided in the work booklet
As a group, each morning G.S.G decided on one quote to put up on the board for the day Discuss the meaning that the quote holds and how it is important to the lessons and to our lives to follow the message that is demonstrated in the quote Random acts of kindness G.S.G activity

As a G.S.G discuss ways that you currently show kindness and generosity toward each other, and also towards G.S.G’s Decided as a group one thing that you could do for another G.S.G, a member of the school or someone in the community in order to show kindness and generosity towards that person or group Plan this act as a G.S.G and then perform this action After you do this, discuss how this might have made the other group feel and how it made you feel to do something good for other people See the work booklet for ideas on Random Acts of Kindness that you can choose from that relate to the short stories provided Short Stories

As provided by the work booklet, the short stories all relate to the subjects of kindness and generosity As a group, our loud or individually, choose a story to read and then discuss Read through the story and then read through the questions that relate to that story Discuss the possible answers to these questions

These questions can also be used as journal entry topics Puzzles
Complete the maze, crossword puzzle and the word search
Discuss as a group the meaning and importance of the words used in the word search and the crossword puzzle YouTube video links
There are three You tube links provided in the Work booklet Use the smart board, L.C.D projector, T.V or teachers computer in your G.S.G and search these links on You tube

As a group watch some or all of these videos
Discuss the meaning and messages provided in the videos and answer the questions/journal topics that are provided *

*The Kindness and Generosity Maze

A fellow, who does things that count, doesn't usually stop to count them. ~ Albert...
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