Character Diary - Hamlet

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Character Diary – Hamlet

Act 1

Day 1 - I was once again reminded of my mothers’ marriage to my uncle, Claudius. To this day I still feel disgusted and outraged that either of them would think it is morally okay to do such a thing. My father had only past away under a month before my mother had married my father’s brother. I think it’s terribly disrespectful and ignorant towards my father. He would have given the world and more. He loved her more then anything, and I don’t understand how she marry his brother in such short time, and not feel guilty or disgusted by herself. It just astonishes me.

Day 2 – Horatio, Marcellus, and Barnardo approached me with exciting, and hopeful news tonight! They told me that they saw the ghost of my father while guarding the gate to the castle. This was very good and surprising news to hear! It gives me hope that I could possibly see him again. It could give me a chance to talk to him and find out more about his death, and even to prove that Claudius murdered him. I’m curious if he knows that my mother has married his uncle. I’m sure the news of that will make him furious. Bottom line is, if I could see him again and talk to him, it would give me a sense of comfort.

Day 3 – Tonight, at just about midnight, I was outside with Horatio, and Marcellus, when my father’s ghost approached us. I was in awe and shock but also amazed. I followed him into the forest where he led to tell me about his death. He told me that Claudius murdered him, by pouring some time of fluid into his ear. He was infuriated by my mother’s actions, and therefore told me to revenge his death. Marcellus and Barnardo followed me into the forest, and I swore them to secrecy about seeing the ghost. I informed them that I was going to act mad, in order to hide my intentions of killing Claudius.

Act 2

Day 46 – My acting has been successful! I think that Ophelia and Polonius truly believe that I have gone mad. I have noticed Reynaldo spying on me...
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