Character Development of Steven Wraysford

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The character development of Stephen Wraysford.

At the begging of Birdsong we firstly notice the Azaire family name in the opening page. Shortly following Stephen Wraysford is the first character (who ironically happens to be the main character of Birdsong) to be introduced into the novel. Within the opening pages of the novel it becomes apparent that Stephan has a fairly strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, therefore leading one on to assume that if Stephen classed something as being unjustifiable he would stand against it and in doing so making himself recognised. Another thing noticeable to Stephen’s character is that he has elements of ‘spy’ like features “He laughed softly to himself as he wrote. This sense of secrecy was something he had to cultivate in order to overcome a natural openness and quick temper”. Throughout this passage we learn a lot about Stephen’s character at this moment in the novel, for example retracing back to the spy concept, the fact that Stephen has to encrypt speech into a supposed ‘secret’ language. Within this passage we are also introduced to the idea that Stephen is one with a ‘quick temper’ and one could argue that Stephen may compensate his temper with his ‘spy’ like qualities. Based on the first few chapters of the novel Steven’s personality is not so appealing to the reader and some may begin to find his character not very likeable. Ironically the second Character to be mentioned in the novel (apart from the maid who talks briefly to Steven in the hall) is Madame Azaire who later goes on to have an affair with Steven. Signs of attraction towards Madame Azaire by Steven are shown extremely early prior to the introduction of Madame Azaire, as within page six all that Stephen seems to be focused on is the actions and movements of Madame Azaire, “Stephen watched her as she spoke, his dark eyes scrutinizing her face”. This feeling and wonderment towards the way Madame Azaire is however something which...
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