Character Compare And Contrast Essay

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Character Compare and Contrast
The 2 characters that are the main spotlight in this story are Jack and Ralph. They are great leaders but they have different ways of leading others. However they have different goals and that leads to arguments and in the end separation. Even in all the hardships, the littleuns still caused Ralph and Jack to add another worry about the “beast” into their list of worries Even though Jack and Ralph are innocent and mature at the start, they will break mentally in the end without civilisation to keep them sane.

Jack and Ralph are great leaders but they have different ways of leading. Jack’s way of leading is more into the dictator type but Ralph is more into the democracy type. Ralph likes to get ideas and ask for volunteers to do them while Jack likes to tell others what to do.Even though they all agreed to the cliffs and the outhouses and there always has to be water in the coconut shells, but they all forgot about it and do it everywhere. As time passes arguments happens and they fought for leadership.

Even though Jack and Ralph work well together but different goals caused them to separate. Jack’s goal is to hunt pigs and go wild in the forest ,but Ralph’s goal is to get off the island and stay alive. They are enthusiastic about the idea of building a signal fire to go back home, the hunters who are supposed to look after it were too focused on hunting the pig for food and left it to go out at the most crucial point. While they are hunting and the fire went out, a ship came pass by and went past them like they didn’t even exist.This accident caused Ralph and Jack into an argument that would eventually lead to separation.

The littleuns like to play around but even though they they don’t have to do anything, they also have to make Jack and Ralph worry about the “beast.” Even though the littleums don’t have to do anything, they still have to create problems by lighting a spark of fear into others by the story of the...

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