Character Building

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You are who you are by what you’ve done and who you associate yourself with. Dance is how I express myself but also who I am. Through dancing I have learned many things about myself and learned many things from other people that helped build my character. Jete or Chaine are things I have learned in dance, but they can also represent other things I have gotten out of dance like determination and motivation. To me, dance has been the thing that has built my character the most. It is the most influential because I love it. When you dance, you mess up. You watch, you learn, but most importantly you learn to let your personality shine through. When people are made better dancers, they become better people vicariously. Your peers and role models set good examples that you want to follow so eventually one day you can fulfill their roles they had in your life. It’s imperative to me to build others up to pay forward what others have done for you and for the satisfaction of witnessing others prosper. The Pay It Forward concept works in wondrous ways. One person has the power to influence the whole world by chain reactions. Being around the most influential people in your life such as family or friends and leading by example motivates them to do the same. Building character isn’t just about getting people to follow what you do. It is also about helping people to become who they are and to make better decisions. If you help someone correct their wrong doings and guide them to make the right choices the next time around, you have given them initiative in their life. It’s not good enough just to go along with others, it’s just as important to make the decision on your own. And during your life you learn the basics and build up from them. You learn routine of life, the choreography, and formation. Once you have figured out what you have to do, it’s time to have others follow you so you can lead them in the direction of the dance

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