Character Biography: Karen Richards (All About Eve)

Topics: Academy Award for Best Actress, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, All About Eve Pages: 4 (1459 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Assignment Dialogue

1. I play Karen Richards. I think she’s in her early thirties, and she’s Margo Channing’s best friend. She’s also stylishly well-dressed and supports her friends for the best. 2. This action takes place around the 50’s.

3. It takes place at an empty ladies’ room at Stork Club at night, with two chairs in a corner. 4. Karen is Margo Channing’s best friend, she’s the person that meets Eve Harrington, a big fan of Margo, in the cold alley outside the stage door. She eventually introduces Eve to Margo Channing. 5. Karen about herself: “I love fashion and I think I’m a fabulous fashion icon myself. I’m a great friend towards the people I care about and most importantly, I’m honest and not selfish.” Margo Channing: “She’s like a sister to me, we’ve shared everything since the very first years when she rose to fame.I’m proud of her.” Eve Harrington: “Eve was a very nice girl when I met her, but right now.. The longer I know her, the darker she is becoming.” Lloyd Richards: “My husband is an incredibly, talented playwright. I’m just afraid he might on one day left me for another young women.” Bill Sampson: “At first, I thought he was the wrong guy for Margo. Bill seems like some stereotype of a bad boy and he’s a couple years younger than Margo, but he makes her happy. So I should be happy as well. I think.” Birdie Coonan: “I was the person that was chosen to hire her. She might have an attitude towards people but that’s maybe why I really like her.” 6. She preferably doesn’t want Eve to make her ask her husband, the playwright of a play, to say that Eve perfectly fits the part of lead role instead of Margo, her best friend. In the end, it’s not clear whether Eve gets what she wants but it left Karen questioning herself when Eve walked away. 7. Eve wants to ‘steal’ the leading role of an upcoming musical, by convincing Karen, the playwrights’ wife to make that happen. 8.

9. Karen’s dominant emotions are calmness and honesty.
10. I think...
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