Character and Stories

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Out of the many stories that we have to compare, the best would have to be The Candide and Dante’s Inferno. There are many different ways that you can compare these two similar stories. The most obvious comparison from the beginning would have to be religion. Both of these stories begin with a man that has some type of issue or tries to decide how to deal and question religion. Another way to compare these stories is how both stories were controversial at the time because of their religious meanings. Dante’s inferno was extremely controversial because of the fact that it described hell in such a detailed way and painted a vivid picture for such a negative place. Candied was controversial because of the way it concluded. Since both of these stories had to do with religion it makes sense that it would have controversy. Most stories that have to do with religion in one way or another have some sort of controversy with them. There are too many people that have many different beliefs and ideas of what religion is for it not to be one of the more controversial storylines. Another way to compare both of these stories is by noticing the fact that both Dante and Candide both end up having mentors or people that help them guide them through the story. This is another connection that religion brings together Virgil as a guide to help him travel through hell. In Candide, Pangloss helps Candide travel through his journey as well. This is a common theme in stories that have to do with religion because a lot of religious stories deal with a person either not believing or having trouble finding religion and using a guide or a mentor having their own connection to religion. For example, Pangloss was a philospher that had many strong theories about religion. On Dante’s inferno Virgil was an pagon so he was deeply connected in the religion to help the main character to understand and help himcome to a conclusion about what his conflict is and how to solve it. Both stories...
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