Character Anaysis of Beatrice

Topics: William Shakespeare, Literary criticism, Much Ado About Nothing Pages: 3 (913 words) Published: December 5, 2013

English 6th
7 October 2013
Beatrice in Much Ado about Nothing
Beatrice is one of the main female characters in William Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing. Although Beatrice is a character that some people can identify with, she can be interpreted in different ways as well. Literary criticisms have shown that Beatrice is a woman of many different characteristics. Now what exactly are these characteristics that make Beatrice such a woman of interest? Authors who have written literary criticisms have given their opinions on what they see Beatrice to be in Much Ado about Nothing. Two of these authors are George Brandes and C.O. Garder; they both demonstrate the uniqueness of Shakespeare’s beloved character, Beatrice.

In C.O. Gardner’s essay, he focuses on Beatrice and Benedick and the relationship between the two. He claims to “increase the value” of the characters and not take away from them (Gardner). He describes them as both possessing intellect and wittiness that few humans have the privilege of possessing. His entire critique is a compare and contrast of what other critics thinks and what he thinks. He claims that other critics have failed to point out Beatrice’s sensual and spontaneous side of herself. Gardner states that J. R. Mulryne is correct when he claims that Beatrice possesses “abundant vitality, gaiety, self-confidence, and a brilliantly witty command of language” (Garder). However, Gardner disagrees with him in that Mulryne exaggerates the “spirit” of Beatrice rather than the “weight and stature” of her (Gardner). Gardner agrees with another man named George Sampson who makes a bold statement that even though Much Ado about Nothing is one of William Shakespeare’s famous comedies, Beatrice shows more of a dramatic side. He goes on to say that Beatrice is aware of Benedick’s influence over her and is aggressive in her reactions toward him.

Gardner claims that Professor Andrew Chiappe has a pretty clear picture of...

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