Character Analysis a Christmas Carol Fezziwig

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English – A Christmas Carol Character: Fezziwig Daniel Whelan

Dickens uses Fezziwig to represent views and values, which were once a common way of life for people, to give to the poor and help others, yet these values, and ideals were slowly fading in the 19th Century economic change Shown to Scrooge by the Ghost of Christmas Past, was old happy and energetic Fezziwig, who he was once apprenticed to when he was young, who taught Scrooge to be sharp witted, cunning moneylender like himself. The Ghost of Christmas Past takes Scrooge back to his young adulthood, to relearn the valuable lessons, which Fezziwig taught about life, that wealth and greed, should never come before generosity and those close around you.

Fezziwig, the avid businessman, had plenty of money, yet lent it generously, while not holding back in throwing large parties every Christmas for every single one of his workers and some of their close friends. Fezziwig views his workers as members of his family, contrasting with Scrooge who wants nothing to do with his own nephew, only son of his sister, let alone one of his workers like Bob Crachit.

Fezziwig and his wife were excellent hosts, involving themselves in every dance despite their age, showing that they were a “top couple… a good stiff piece of work cut out for them.” Fezziwig was described as being quite old, yet lively, wearing a large Welsh wig, while having the dexterity to still be fit as an old man, in comparison to Scrooge who’s described as sickly and stiff, showing how by associating yourself with others, it keeps your spirit alive and active, when you seclude yourself, you tend to stop caring about yourself and everyone and everything around you.

Not only did Fezziwig invite everyone who worked for him to enjoy and to have a merry Christmas, at the end of the night, he even went to the effort to, “shaking hands with every person individually” showing how he cared and thought well of every single worker of his,...
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