Character Analysis: Winnie The Pooh

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Out of all the characters on Winnie the Pooh, I would have to say that Pooh is definitely my favorite. Pooh is my favorite character because he is a stuffed bear that just happens to be alive. He always carries around a jar of honey with him because he can never have enough of his honey, or food in general. He finds himself in situations that shows just how amazing of a friend he is to all the other characters. The qualities that he has are that he is a good caring friend who would drop everything for a friend in need. I really like that fact that Pooh is the most caring person on the show, yes the other characters are caring as well but Pooh level of caring go beyond the caring of the other characters. Pooh is a little short witted, naive, caring, loving and respectful. …show more content…
Lizzie was just looking for a friend. I often find myself wishing I could keep a friend with me who could never die. My all-time favorite quote from Lizzie is “Don’t worry she’ll come back.” This quote alone shows how sad and alone she felt in a world where everyone around her was dying, but not staying dead after death. Lizzie’s feeling is about the same as mine feelings, life goes on but even after you cut “kill” someone off they often come back into your life but not in the way they “died-off.” Lizzie’s characteristic alone intrigues me because of the fact that I believe I know what her “real life” is like. Life is a bumpy road and if you don’t have the right people in your life then hypothetical you will kill someone close to you that way they can never leave

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