Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby and Netherlands

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby Pages: 3 (1193 words) Published: April 1, 2014
The Not So Different Chuck and Gatsby
By:Thineash Sivaananthan

Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby) and Chuck Ramikssoon (Netherlands) are not similar because they are the main characters of their respective novels but for the fact of how they act and behave in the novels as well. Both characters are similar because of their ability to be manipulative, and the need they have to make money illegally all while differing in how they are portrayed as characters to the readers. Both characters Chuck and Gatsby, although they seem to live two very different lifestyles they both have the manipulative characteristic that makes them a like in a way. Chuck reveals his manipulative characteristic through the decisions he takes throughout the novel. Although Chuck gives the impression that he is aiding Hans to get better at driving, he is simply using that to cope the fact that he needs to be driven around for his underground Gambling game. “Once a weekend, then , Chuck, became my driving mentor, as he put It – and in return I became his assistant groundskeeper (O’neil , 275)”. This quotation clearly explains that Chuck has brainwashed Hans into thinking that he is trying to aid him with his driving lessons. Hans in this quotation specifically uses the word mentor, which gives the reader the impression that Hans truly believes that Chucks sole purpose is to help Hans. Hans also says “in return I became his groundskeeper” this shows the reader that Hans is convinced Chuck s trying to help him so he does a favour in return. This quotation clearly portrays the manipulative gift that chuck has and how easily he has persuaded Hans into thinking that he is trying to help him, although he is just using him to his benefit. Gatsby also shows his manipulative characteristic throughout the book, although the way he presents his persuasiveness differs from Chucks, as Gatsby uses his wealth. “You see, I carry on a little business on the side, a sort of sideline, you understand. And I...

References: Fitzgerald, F.Scott. The great Gatsby. England : Penguin Books, 1926. Print
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