Character Analysis: Renfield and. Dracula

Pages: 3 (1913 words) Published: October 28, 2014
“Character vs. Character: Renfield vs. Dracula”
Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is known to most people as the origin of vampire law. It’s the center in which all other tales revolve around. The story itself deals with Count Dracula and the suspenseful journey that ensues to kill him. Many events occur in the novel including death, wolf attacks and a lot more horror filled endeavors. However, above all the excitement and scares the events that had the greatest impact on the tale was the characters development and how the characters interacted with each other. At the beginning of the novel the characters led their own individual stories but as the novel progresses their stories merge and by the end of the novel every character has some sort of connection to each other. One of the biggest connections that takes place between two characters is the connection between Count Dracula himself and a mental patient named Renfield. The character of Count Dracula is extremely significant in this story. Dracula is the character in which the novel is named after and all the events that occur are due to something that he has done, without him there would be no tale at all. Count Dracula is first introduced to the audience when the character Jonathan Harker arrives at Dracula’s castle. The novel describes him as being a tall old man, clean shaven expect for a white moustache and his clothing attire is all black. He has a very strong hand shake but his hands are as cold as ice. His face is illustrated by having a strong jaw line with arched nostrils, and a lofty domed forehead, he has hair growing scantily round the temples. He has large eyebrows; his teeth were white and awfully sharp. His ears were pale and pointy, his chin was broad and strong and his cheeks were firm and thin. Dracula’s nails are long and sharp and his breath is described as being rank. Dracula’s personality is considered to be wise, hospitable, but also very cruel and demanding. The character of Renfield is not...
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