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character analysis on Tale of Two Cities

By klamaina Feb 19, 2014 645 Words

In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens made many powerful characters come to life. One of the major themes Charles Dickens talks about is resurrection. The main character that is brought back to life is Doctor Manette. Doctor Manette was always frequently changing throughout the novel into a stronger human being. Doctor Manette is very strong and proud by the end of the novel because he overcomes the Evermondes and is able to accept Charles Darnay into his life.

In the beginning of the novel, Doctor Manette’s attitude is weak and he has lost all sense of identity after the Evermondes put him in jail for eighteen years. When Mr. Lorry talks to Manette for the first time, Lorry asks Manette what his name is and Manette then replies, ‘‘‘One hundred and Five, North Tower”’(Dickens 49). Doctor Manette’s answer showed that he was very weak here because he has lost his sense of identity. Manette did not give himself an actual name because he was still living in fear of the Evermondes and he did not yet have the strength to overcome them. Eventually Doctor Manette starts to change his attitude into a more courageous character.

Towards the middle of the story, Doctor Manette changes and starts to accept himself as a normal person would. He loves his daughter, Lucie Manette, and will do anything to make her happy because Lucie brought him back to life. Something that made Lucie happy was having a husband. Lucie finally found someone to make her as happy as she will ever be: Charles Darnay. “It was a hard parting, though it was not for long. But her father cheered her, and said at last, gently disengaging himself from her enfolding arms, ‘Take her, Charles! She is yours”’ (Dickens 194)! Doctor Manette said this to Charles and Lucie after their wedding. Even though Doctor Manette found out before the wedding that Charles was related to the Evermondes, he sacrifices his sanity for Lucie’s happiness. Doctor Manette’s sanity went after Lucie left but he let her be happy first. Lucie’s happiness was Manette’s main priority. Manette has welcomed Charles into his family and that shows that he is beginning to overcome his feelings about the Evermondes. He is getting stronger every day.

Doctor Manette’s actions in the end of the novel really make a different when it comes to family. Since Charles Darnay is now a part of the Manette family, Doctor Manette forgets about the Evermondes and helps Charles when he is in a life or death situation. Doctor Manette was next questioned. His high personal popularity, and clearness of his answers, made a great impression; but…The jury declared that they heard enough, and that they were ready with their votes if the President were content to receive them… The populace set up a shout of applause. All the voices were in favour, and the President declared him free. (Dickens 281-282) Doctor Manette helps Charles survive and get out of jail. This action proved that Doctor Manette has willingly forgotten about the Evermondes and is now officially accepting Charles into his life. Doctor Manette helped Charles for Lucie because he could not stand to see her unhappy.

Doctor Manette, in the novel A Tale of Two Cities, is always changing into a stronger person. By the end of the novel, Doctor Manette is able to overcome the Evermondes and accept Charles Darnay into his life. . After Lucie married Charles, Doctor Manette becomes a father figure to Charles because Charles did not have parents. Doctor Manette helps Charles through his tough time in jail and keeps Lucie happy by saving her husband. Manette is an all around good person and is continually getting stronger throughout the novel.

Work Cited
Dickens, Charles. A Tale Of Two Cites. New York: Signet Classic, 1980.

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