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Character Analysis of Rainsford from "The Most Dangerous Game"

By tylerthehipster Jan 22, 2015 475 Words
Tyler Jump
Ms. Keen
Character Analysis of “Rainsford”
Rainsford from “The Most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connell is a story about a big- game hunter named Rainsford. He falls of his boat and is forced to swim to an island called Ship-trap Island, where he meets a crazy man who goes by the name of General Zaroff. General Zaroff is also a big game hunter but finds animals to easy since he has killed them so many times. He knows hunts down humans who ship wreck on his island. Rainsford is pushed to the limit on this island and try’s to stay calm and composed in this hostile situation. The human nature is to survive and Rainsford discovers that he must hunt to survive and with wit and determination helped him survive.

On the Island Rainsford comes across a giant building and meets the General. General Zaroff explains to him that he got bored of hunting animals and knows hunts down humans because they put up more of a fight. Rainsford is shocked “Hunting? Good God, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder.” Rainsford has survived past experiences with dangerous game in exotic hunts. Rainsford applies his past experiences with his new challenge of Zaroff. His past experiences and current emotional standpoint of survival helped him in the hunt.

During the hunt Rainsford does very well against Zaroff and goes on to beat him. The human nature is to survive and he did that through talent and wit. In the end when he finishes the general, the General says to Rainsford “I see, he said. Splendid! One of us it to furnish a repast for the hounds and the other will sleep in this very excellent bed.” This tells that Rainsford survived the night and was able to sneak up into Zaroff’s room. Rainsford enjoyed a good night sleep in Zarrof’s bed while Zaroff was fed to the dogs. A potential counter would be that since Rainsford did so well and was able to beat this talented hunter making his character unreal. That is not true because he is just acting or doing what we anyone would do in this situation. He didn’t want to get fed to the hounds, he didn’t want the General to hunt him down and kill him. He acted in the moment and made sure he would not be a meal for the hounds.

Rainsford’s is a real and believable character because of his actions on the island. He is totally thrown off at first by General Zaroff’s hunting people situation. He then realizes that he isn’t going to have a choice about his future. He can fight and have a chance at survival or be afraid and die instantly. He chose to fight and it worked out great for him.

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