Character Analysis Of Montresor

Topics: The Cask of Amontillado, Edgar Allan Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Character Analysis of Montresor

If written with skill, “Villains” can be some of the most interesting characters in literature. The character of Montresor from Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Cask of Amontillado”. Poe, being the horror writer that he was, portrays this dark character in exactly that way. The story begins with Montresor explaining to the reader as a narrator that a man named Fortunato has insulted and hurt him for a great deal of time. Montresor never explains what exactly Fortunato did to him, but considering how they interact with one another at the start of the story, it is very possible Poe knew about how real killers through history have been mentally disturbed in a way that warps how they view reality, such as taking great offence from something any other person may not even notice, as if someone forgot to say “bless you” after another person sneezed. Whatever the insult Montresor feels has been given to him by Fortunato, he explains that this time, he will get revenge. Montresor meets with Fortunato at some sort of social event. Fortunato appears to be very intoxicated. He tells the readers that Fortunato is dressed as a jester, in a striped outfit and a jester hat with bells. Fortunato greets Montresor 'with great warmth’, that Montresor only feigns to return. Montresor then entices Fortunato to come to his home to see the barrel of Amontillado wine that he has acquired. Fortunato agrees and the two of them venture to Montresor's large home, where he informs us that the servants just happen to be out tonight, and they’ll be completely alone. When they arrive, they descend into some sort of crypt-like underground passage beneath the house. When they reach the end of the long subterranean crypt, they find a recessed area, about four feet deep, three feet wide, and seven feet high. Fortunato continues into this area with Montresor persuading the drunk to follow him into the smaller space. Fortunato is in fact so drunk that he is confused as...

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