Character Analysis of Esteban Trueba

Topics: Isabel Allende, Family, The House of the Spirits Pages: 2 (884 words) Published: September 20, 2005
The House of the Spirits incorporates characters of all types and backgrounds. It is a book that is depicted by the clashing personalities of the characters involved. Esteban Trueba is a major character as he takes a foremost function throughout the generations of the Trueba and Garcia families in the book. Esteban is compulsive, aggressive, and acquisitive. He devotes his life to his business and political calling, determined first to become wealthy and then to become authoritative. He owes much of his success to the labor of the peasants at Tres Marias, the house he built, though he by no means regards them with deference or parity. Esteban is a character that goes full circle as he went from having diminutive treasures in life to having supremacy and prosperity to finally end forlorn. His downfall is due to his personal hubris because he let his pride and arrogance takes away everything he ever loved. Isabel Allende documents Esteban Trueba's triumphs and defeats in The House of the Spirits. After leaving, his mother and sister, and starting a new and independent life, Esteban changes much. For the first time he is successful and wealthy. He feels as if he has no problems, mainly because he does not have a family to weigh him down. Trueba's move to Three Marias seems to appease his hunger temporarily, before his monstrous, demanding, and ever growing needs overwhelms him. The type of lifestyle achieved by Esteban Trueba in Three Marias far surpassed that of living with his mother and sister, however only brief moments of satisfaction are incurred. These, previously mentioned, moments created a hunger for perfection and greed that would continue perpetuate at any cost. Receiving a letter from Ferula brings back memories for Esteban of his sad life with her and his mother, which forces him to endure his memories of poverty and pain. He even remembers the smell of medicine, which had encompassed their home. These memories force Esteban to reflect on the reasons...
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