Character Analysis of Emily Grierson from a Rose for Emily

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Nicholas Manzy

Character Analysis
In this essay I will be talking about the character Emily Grierson from the story “A Rose for Emily”. A Southern Gothic short story written by William Faulkner. This story was Faulkner's first short story to be published in a national magazine. Taking place in Mississippi in the fictional country of Yoknapatawpha County, this tale tells the story of an elderly Southern spinster life and her relationship with a town of people up until her death. The main theme of the story revolves around the fact that this women refusing to change and cope with the changes around her.

Due to her father refusing to allow anyone to marry her, she misses every chance at being married. Becoming desperate, she settles for the man known a Homer Barron. But problems occur when Homer himself admits he liked men and was not a “marrying man”. This caused Emily to reach desperate measures and she murders him and keeps his body. After this she stops leaving the house and refuses to let anyone in. A few years she died within her home from sickness. This sad story end with the towns people finding out that Emily kept Homer's dead body to sleep next to it. Tragic end for a once proud and beautiful woman whom one would hand a rose to.

“Alive, Miss Emily had been a tradition, a duty, and a care; a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town . . .”(1). I believe that this sentence at the beginning of the third paragraph is the best to describe Emily and the town's feeling about her in this story. Being born into a powerful and wealthy southern family, she was proud and eccentric woman. She believed that she was too good for the young men and she also had her father preventing them from getting close to her. When she grew to the age of thirty the town believe that she couldn’t possible turn down all of her chances at marriage if they materialized now.

A little while later, her father past away leaving her all alone with nothing but a house....

Cited: 1. Faulkner, William. “A Rose for Emily” (April 30, 1932) Literature Craft & Voice Second Edition
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