Character Analysis of Emily from "Truth of Consequences"

Topics: Childhood, Girl, Acceptance Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: December 2, 2005
A normal young girl, Emily and her mother move to Hilton. However, in Hilton Emily cannot find normality. She will then play a game, with power for change. Truth or Consequences did just that. This seemingly harmless childhood game presented Emily with a choice. She chose the harder of the two without realizing it and this choice would change her life. Alice Adams illustrates how the early childhood events of Emily's move to Hilton, first kiss, and first "boyfriend" changes her life forever.

While pushing for acceptance Emily finds herself in unfamiliar circumstances. As a young girl Emily and her mother move to the town of Hilton. She differs from other girls by looks and class. She says this in regards to her differences, "In any case, being richer and younger than the others in my class made me socially very insecure, and I always approached the playground with a sort of excited dread." [Adams 85] Emily wants to fit in, she wants people to see her as normal. She grows excited when the other girls approach her on the playground. This excitement comes from hope of acceptance. When the other girls approach/talk to her she sees it as her closer to normal. However, at the same time she shows fear in the possibility that the other girls will push her out of the social spectrum. Emily exists as a pawn to the girls ploy and can only achieve normality through their consent. The girls will test Emily on the topic of a certain kiss with Car Jones.

The girls approach Emily and ask her if she would rather be eaten alive by ants or kiss Car Jones. Emily has a literal mind and this constitutes why she says she would kiss Car Jones. This answer causes pandemonium and proves the main point of Emily's reflection. Soon after the kiss actually happens as follows, "Car reached for my hair and pulled me toward him; he bent down to my face and for an instant our mouths were mashed together. (Christ my first kiss!)" [Adams 86] Emily does not know what to make of the kiss. She...
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