Character Analysis of Dorothy Plunk

Topics: Homer Hickam, English-language films, Love Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: April 30, 2006
"It was my opinion that Dorothy Pluck, a native of War, was the most beautiful girl in our class or, for that matter, at Big Creek High."(29) Dorothy Plunk was Sonny's first love but she also broke his heart. In October Sky, written by Homer Hickam Jr., Dorothy is a pseudonym for a girl he knew during high school. She is known for her beauty, power, and inexperience.

Dorothy was known for her beauty because of Sonny's persistence. That's why he was so attracted to her. "She had long shimmering ponytail and eyes the electric blue of my father's 1951 Buick."(29) He had managed to say hello to her a couple of times but never really had a conversation with her. He was Dorothy's lab partner in Biology. He had never really asked a girl but he wanted to ask Dorothy out but when he did she turned him down.

She also has power over Sonny because he worships her. "Could he not see, as I, that Dorothy Plunk was God's perfection? She was to be worshiped, not handled."(31) Sonny gets jealous over the fact that she has a boyfriend. Twenty-five years later, Sonny meets up with her again and still loves her.

Finally, she is inexperienced. She signs up for the calculus class and gets in. Sonny had to help her with plane geometry. Now if she needs help with geometry how will she get though calculus. She is also inexperienced in love because I think that she loves Sonny but doesn't truly express such as when he asked her to kiss her and it was like fastest kiss ever seen. Plus she goes though many boyfriends including Sonny's brother Jim. "Dorothy melted in Jim's arms." (279)

Dorothy Plunk was Sonny's first love but it wasn't his last. She shows her character though her beauty, power, and inexperience. These characteristics show her true character.
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