Character analysis of "Are You Ready Boots?"

Topics: Jiminy Cricket, Protagonist, Left-wing politics Pages: 1 (564 words) Published: October 28, 2014

2. Characterize the main character
The main character in the short story Is Lulu, a young girl who lives in London. She loves to hang out with her friends, especially her best friend Spencer, and they often go out to party: “It was the usual night out” (p. 8 l. 62). She is very materialistic as you can tell when she buys the boots, but also when Charlie proposes to her: “And it was a huge diamond.” (p. 10 l. 132). The purchase of the boots also shows that she is insecure of herself, and they makes her feel better about herself: “(…) I was quite mesmerized by how they good I thought the boots made me look (…) They made me look richer. More intelligent. I felt like I had won the lottery.” (p. 8 l. 39). She thinks that expensive accessories makes her more attractive, more likeable, and she loves it. When Spencer tells her that he does not think Charlie is the right man for her, she starts to doubt. She begins to notice little things about Charlie. This shows us that she is easily influenced by other people. It also tells us that she really does not know what she wants, she only thinks what she wants. In the end of the story, when Charlie tells her that he does not like the boots, she realizes that she has pretended to be another person all this time, and that is why she leaves him: “Spencer had been right. Charlie was a handsome ass” (p. 10 l. 148) and later on the same page: “I folded my arms and looked down at my kinky boots. They were so great.” The boots symbolizes the girl she really is. 3. Comment on the role of the men

Spencer is Lulu’s best friend. He has moved to New York from Charleston, when he was 17. Probably because he is gay, and it is not well seen in the south, where most people are very religious. He has a big influence on Lulu and she trusts him and his opinion very much. Spencer also knows Lulu very well, maybe even better than she knows herself. You can say that he is a kind of Jiminy Cricket to Lulu, her conscience. Charlie:...
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