Character Analysis: My So Called Life

Topics: English-language films, Interpersonal relationship, Adolescence Pages: 3 (883 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Many teenagers go through lots of different relationships and sometimes they get lost during their routes to become an adult. They find it hard to realize what the right thing is and what is being the right way. In the episode My So Called Life, the main character, Angela Chase, goes through many relationships. Angela was a student who did well, and pleased her family and friends around her. However, a change happens, when she meets Rayanne, a new friend, and she starts to act differently. She tries out many things, such as ditching class, dying her hair red or going out on school nights, which she never would have done before and develops a new personality (a bad one). Throughout the story, we see a variety of character traits from Angela. Although Angela is always herself, she hasn’t yet found her true self, her personality that is hiding inside her, and developing her relationships with others.

Angela is a teenage girl who strongly dislikes school and is trying to find her true self, by trying out new things and acting how she never used to. She is pretty selfish because, she dyes her hair red on her own. Also, she brings her new friends, Rayanne and Ricky, to her house without telling her mother about them. Furthermore, Angela decides to quit yearbook suddenly, and leaves the class room on her own convenience. These acts also show that she is a quite unrestrained girl. Also, Angela goes to a night time party that her mother does not agree to. Angela seems to be a negative girl at the beginning because she expressed how she hates school as “battle field for heart” and is like a “prison movie” which does not show anything positive. When she narrates her feelings about her mother, she puts out negative thoughts, such as, “I can’t even look at my mother without even wanting to stab her repeatedly.” She is a delinquent teenager considering the inappropriate clothing she wore, the night when Rayanne invited her to go out. The act of Angela trying out new...
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