Character Analysis: Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Marriage Pages: 3 (1239 words) Published: December 11, 2013

Power Times Two
After reading the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, many similarities and differences can clearly be drawn between the characters Claudius & Lady Catherine De Bourgh from the book Pride and Prejudice. Both of these characters are looked at as the most powerful in both stories. They tend to scheme selfish plots to keep power but also they have many obvious differences that draw the line between each character. Claudius & Lady Catherine De Bourgh have some obvious differences such as their gender and marital status. One is a male, and married, the other is a widowed female. But some other differences that really make them different from each other is how they use their power and how they accept failure. In the play Hamlet, Claudius is viewed by readers to be manipulative and sneaky. He uses his power through his actions. For example, in the play, Claudius tells Laertes that Hamlet has murdered his father. The only motive Claudius has for telling this information is so Laertes will seek revenge on Hamlet. Where as in contrast, Lady Catherine De Bourgh is considered to be a blunt and straight forward character. She uses her power through her words. For example when she speaks with Elizabeth about a rumored engagement Lady Catherine says, “My character has ever been celebrated for its sincerity and frankness, and in a cause of such moment as this, I shall certainly not depart from it.” (Austen 230). Another difference that is viewed between both characters is how they accept failure. Both of them are considered to have the leadership role in the stories, also they are both viewed as the antagonist. Most of the time the bad guy tends to fail, the thing that makes them different is accepting their failure. Claudius refuses to accept failure, he takes all necessary precautions, and his plan is thought to be fool proof. For example when Claudius speaks to Laertes about revenging the death of Laertes father they make a plan. The plan is for Laertes...

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