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Character Analysis
23 June 2013
Character Analysis of Gertrude in “Hamlet”
“Hamlet”, which was written by William Shakespeare, is the story of a prince seeking revenge for his father’s death. Gertrude is the mother of Hamlet and the Queen of Denmark. King Hamlet dies in the beginning of the play and Gertrude quickly marries King Hamlet’s brother, Claudius. Queen Gertrude seems to be insecure and dependent of men, and her role raises more questions than it answers. Some questions it may raise might be: Was she involved with Claudius before the death of her husband? Did she love her husband? Did she know about Claudius’s plan to commit the murder? We don’t know the exact answers to these questions, but some things we do know are her appearance, personality, and her relationships with other characters.

Gertrude’s appearance is as important to her as her self-preservation. Gertrude takes many baths and is well dressed in the Hamlet movie. Her hair is braided and she has a lot of jewelry. Gertrude obviously has some grace and charm on the outside. Gertrude is known as the beautiful Queen of Denmark.

Queen Gertrude has a desire for station and affection. Gertrude is also insecure and dependent of men. In situations, she isn’t able to think critically. For example she immediately tells Claudius after her confrontation with Hamlet. Gertrude is at her best whenever her natural grace and charm seem to indicate a rich and rounded personality. Many would say that Gertrude is a good and caring mother, but I would disagree; her desire to have her son Hamlet stay around is an average desire for a mother. Gertrude’s personality is somewhat selfish as she made the decision to marry Claudius first, and then try to comfort Hamlet second. A mother should always put her children’s emotional and physical need first before any man.

Hamlet’s relationship with Gertrude is turbulent because Hamlet resents his mother for marrying his uncle. Gertrude reveals no...
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