Character Analysis- Dill Harris

Topics: Family, Mother, Father Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: July 28, 2008
To Kill A Mockingbird
Character Analysis: Dill Harris

Introduced into the story in chapter one page 7
Even though his first impression to Jem and Scout was a bit odd, he automatically gains their attention and respect. (page 7) Stays at May comb for the duration of each summer at his aunts house and then returns to his mothers and step fathers house Dill returns to and leaves May comb many times in the duration of the novel after that visit and their initial meeting. Dill is a very insecure, mysterious and friendly boy but we are still able to relate to him because his character is very realistic Dill functions as guide for the reader in understanding May comb. Like Scout, Dill is an observer but has no interest in trying to understand the people in Maycomb. Dill doesn’t know his biological father just as Scout doesn’t know her mother. He tells enormous lies and often pretends to be something he isn’t. Desperately seeks attention from others, such as Scout and Jem, as he has been ignored by his mother and new father His parents don't want him and he is passed from relative to relative in an attempt to be rid of him for some time. He is moved on from his one relative to the next when they get tired making Dill feels unwanted although he doesn't show it. As a result of this when Dill comes to Maycomb and meets Jem and Scout, he feels comforted and contented to be with people who have time for him and who enjoy his company. To Jem and Scout, Dill is another person to interact with, who plays their games with them and whose company they both enjoy. Dill is also like a book to them because as they interact more with him they unfold more and more of his past rousing their curiosity to want to find out more. In chapter 13, Dill flees from his mother the reader sees the impact that Maycomb has had on Dill. He flees because his mother has ignored him; cast aside. The first place and people he thinks of running to are Scout and Jem and...
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