Character Analysis: Adrian Monk

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1. Summary:
Adrian Monk was a good and talented detective. He was a police detective at San Francisco until his wife Trudy was killed in a car bombing incident. This led him to a nervous breakdown and got him discharged from his department. In all the cases he solved, it was only his wife that he was not able solve. He did not go out of his house for three and a half years. Sharona Fleming a nurse and an assistant, helped Monk to put himself together, by the support of his psychiatrist Dr. Charles Kroger. He was able to find a job as a private detective and a consultant in the San Francisco as he made a breakthrough. He got hindrances on his job to work well due to his obsessive compulsive disorder that got worse after the tragedy, number of phobias and fear of germs. (Monk (TV Series), 2009) Captain Leland Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Randall "Randy" Disher, who usually seeks help from Monk to solve cases. Captain Leland is usually annoyed by Monks personality disorder but he is always amazed by his ways of investigating and observing a case. Obsessive compulsive disorder helped him find tiny differences and strange little things making him solved cases throughout his life. (Monk (TV Series), 2009) While solving cases, he tries to look for the people who murdered his wife. It was the only reason that kept him solving the cases. Even if it his life gets into trouble, he will find every people who was connected to the murder (Monk (TV Series), 2009). Sharona Fleming left Monk to live with his son and reunites with his husband at New Jersey. He got a disappointed when she left without permission because she knew he will find ways not to make her go. He found his new assistant Natalie Teeger as he helped her solve the case. Natalie Teeger who shops for Christmas Dinner in her negligence of buying grocery as a stranger put something on the grocery. Monk got poisoned by the...

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