Character Analysis

Topics: Thought, Mind, Mexican American Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Joey Baxter
English 1A
Character Analysis Part 1

The character of Delaney Mossbacher is quite intriguing. One may start to form an opinion on such a character and yet still be questioning themselves as they keep reading on. Delaney Mossbacher so far is a good person, but he is a very hypocritical individual. He is really a hypocrite who is completely blind of himself. He tries to be a realist, yet he may pass remarks or think in a derogative way. He does not know himself, who he really is. A lost, naïve soul, who says one thing to please another, but to himself thinks something completely different and out of text. The question then arises, does he know who he really is? Or is he just an obsequious individual living his life as a lie to himself and others around him? At the beginning the reader gets to know Delaney‘s totally organized everyday-life. He lives with his second wife Kyra and her son Jordan in a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles, called “Arroyo Blanco Estates”. His life consists of rituals, he takes breakfast together with his family every morning, writes for his monthly column every day and every evening they drive to one of the houses Kyra is to sell and lock. They are more or less rich or well-to-do because they are able to live in this subdivision. They have two dogs, live healthy and are members of different clubs like for example: Save the children or National Wildlife Federation. The Mossbachers are a typical prosperous family in Los Angeles including the fact that Kyra is a powerful business lady earns the money while Delaney writes his column called "Wide Open Spaces". Delaney loves nature, he likes going for a walk through the beautiful hills next to his helps him get his mind off things. Apart from that, Delaney cares for everything around him. He cares for his family, his well to do house, his car, which indeed has a personalized license plate, and of course nature. Calling himself a liberal humanist, he...

Cited: Boyle, T. C. The Tortilla Curtain. New York City: Viking Penguin - Penguin Books, 1995. Print.
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