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Topics: Karen Horney, Personality psychology, Psychoanalysis Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: September 28, 2013
University of Santo Tomas
Department of Psychology, College of Science

Theories of Personality / Marc Eric S. Reyes, PhD, RP, CCLP, CASP Teatro Tomasino’s De Cuatro

Name (Surname, FN): Martinez, Jeric Bueno
Section: 2-Psy5

Instructions: Write a 2-3 page paper, about a character from the Teatro Tomasino play entitled “De Cuatro.” Describe and examine the character from a psychodynamic or humanistic-existential perspective (except Freud). Description and examination of this person shall be based on the theory’s structure, process (motives, defenses etc.), and psychopathology (if applicable). Include citations and references in APA format for any sources used to support your ideas.

In watching the said play, I observed one character that portray the key concepts of Karen Horney's psychoanalytic social theory in the way she interact with others. She was the perfect example and was the obvious one for me. Even others can actually agree with me when it comes to this particular characteristic, "neurotic". This particular character holds a philosophy that anything that is foreign is superior and anything indigenous as inferior. She is an elderly woman who is desperate to become a Spaniard, Doña Victorina de los Reyes de Espadaña. She represents the colonial mentality of Filipinos during the Spanish era.

She actually has this basic anxiety because of the fact that she has this feeling of insecurity about her appearance so she tend to manipulate others in telling her that she is beautiful by using her power which is money. Too protect herself against basic anxiety she married a guy she doesn't love just to escape the reality that she will be marked as a "matandang dalaga". She is very submissive to the culture of Spain even though she is a native. Also, we can see that she tends to dominate others especially her own husband.

According to Feist, "Neurotics have the same problems that affect normal people, except neurotics experience them in a...
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