Character Analyisis Grandmother and Connie

Topics: Family, Mother, English-language films Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: March 5, 2007
The grandmother and Connie were domineering and persistent in the ways they wanted things done. No matterwhat anybody suggested, they thought it could be done another way that was better. Connie's mom was always comparing Connie and her sister. Her mother never had a good word to say about Connie. Connie never felt good enough to be a part of her family. This is also the way the grandmother felt as part of her son's family. They both felt as if they were in the way in their own families. The grandmother wanted her son to do more for his children, as in take them to different places so they could see and learn about different parts of the world instead of always the same places. Everyone of grandmother's family members acted as if the grandmother was in the way. They always made the comment that she had to go everywhere they went although she could just stay at home if she was always going to complain.

Connie was different from the grandmother in that aspect of her life. Connie did not want to participate or be a part of her family. She didn't want to go to her aunt's barbaque. She wanted to stay by herself and do her own things where as the grandmother always wanted to be a part of the family. She didn't want to feel left out. The grandmother and Connie were both talkers. They tried to talk their way out of difficult situations that they had no control over. When they lost control of their situations they just gave up and took what was given them. Connie should have stayed with her friend at the theater and not gone to the drive-in where her attacker could see her and start to fantasize about her and the things he wanted to do to her. The grandmother should have stayed on the main road and not gone off on a non familiar path to see the plantation which she was unsure of the location.The grandmother and Connie would not have meet their demise if they had stayed on the right path that...
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